День Валентина в ресторане
1st Feb 21

День всех влюбленных в City-Zen!

14 февраля создаем романтическую атмосферу, зажигаем свечи, обмениваемся подарками и празднуем день всех влюбленных...
8th Jan 21

How we work in quarantine

From 08.01 to 24.01 due to quarantine restrictions, we will work with some changes:...
20th Nov 20

Black Friday 2020

Black Friday Sale! Устраиваем тотальную распродажу кофе в пятницу 27.11.2020 Если ты давно хотел...
13th Nov 20

Хелп! Уикенд

Друзья, к сожалению, мы вынуждены вам сообщить, что карантину выходного дня быть. Поэтому на...
Плашка на сайт
7th Oct 20

New City-Zen café & bar opened on Rusanovka!

A harmonious concept for a dynamic city is now also on Rusanovskaya embankment, 10....
Coffeelover Coffee
10th Aug 20

Coffee City-Zen now Coffee Lover

All guests of the City-Zen cafe & bar on Pochainaya are definitely familiar with...
17th Mar 20

We are in quarantine

Dear guests, We cannot risk your health, therefore, from 03/17/2020 to 04/06/2020 are quarantined....
Valentines Day
21st Jan 20

Very Kiss Day в City-Zen

Для тех, кто все еще думает где и как отметить День святого Валентина мы...
Screenshot 2
13th Dec 19

Новорічні подарунки

  Ну що, вже можна вітати тебе з Новим роком? А тепер? Чи може...
5th Sep 19

If you rub me, cheerfulness will come!

We are glad to share with you the news that we are the first...
5th Sep 19

Waffle Cake Festival

From June 18 to July 18 (inclusive) in the chain of restaurants City-Zen wafer...
5th Sep 19

Wide selection of delicious breakfasts in City-Zen

Looking for a place to have a tasty breakfast? The best start of the...
5th Sep 19

Kava Quest Fest – an event for real fans of coffee culture

Coffee competitions, an exciting quest and more than 50 coffee shops from all over...
5th Sep 19

Lunches in City-Zen

Lunches are the best choice for a quick lunch. Even in a mad rhythm...
5th Sep 19

We invite you to the berry menu in the City-Zen café & bar!

Juicy berries and fresh vegetables will present maximum benefit and freshness. To diversify the...
5th Sep 19

The drawing of the biggest waffle cake is coming very soon!

July 18, we are waiting for everyone at the drawing of the biggest waffle...
5th Sep 19

Campaign “Relish Mandry”

Let’s travel together! Explore the tastes of modern urban cuisine in the City-Zen café...
5th Sep 19

Birthday City-Zen on Big Zhytomyr

City-Zen cafe bar on Bolshaya Zhytomyrska celebrates its first birthday! ⠀ This year 40,700...
5th Sep 19

3 facts about the cafe City Zen café&bar

Hi coffee lovers! If you, like we love coffee, then be sure to read...
5th Sep 19

Public point by City-Zen

We have long and carefully worked on our new project. Finally, we’re happy to...